A Cloud Platform for Geospatial Content

Voxxlr provides web based visualization and analysis tools for geospatial data. Simply upload your data and choose from a growing number of Apps.

One Platform For Multiple Data Types

Upload laser scans, drone maps, 360 images, CAD models and drawings. Voxxlr processes your data within minutes to become accessible via a standard browser. There is no need for dedicated hardware or software. All data and tools are easily accessible online. More...

  • Point Clouds
  • Triangle Meshes
  • Digital Elevation Models
  • Panoramic Images

The Right App For The Task

Take measurements, create annotations, compare data sets and incorporate external documents and web services. A growing number of Apps provide a diverse toolbox to utilize your data. More...

  • Volume Measurement
  • Elevation Profiles
  • Timeline Comparisons
  • Annotations and Overlays
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The Inspector App

Perform inspections of photogrammetry dataset collected by drones.

The CAD Viewer App

Explore, dissect and analyze 3D CAD and BIM models

The Volumetrics App

Take aggregate measurements, display elevation profiles and compare changes over time

Develop Custom Solutions

A mature programming API and component library lets you seamlessly integrate Voxxlr with existing IT infrastructure and develop custom solutions. Let us know if there is an App you need. More...